Tarmac Restoration Bedford

Tarmac and Asphalt driveways for residential and commercial businesses have been popular for decades. With an attractive cost to install and perceived little or limited maintenance it often is not until the surface starts to break that repairs and restoration are considered.

Hydro-Pro Clean can totally rejuvenate your faded tarmac driveway and footpaths to homes, pubs, clubs and commercial car parks.

Advances over the last few years in restoration products now means that many people in Bedfordshire are totally unaware of what can be achieved in making your black or red tarmac look like new. We can also refurbish tennis courts with a green tarmac restorer and more unusual colours can be made to order.

If your tarmac driveway or parking area has lost that deep lustre of colour and is looking pale and faded it often is an indicator that the sun's UV rays have bleached the surface, drying the resins that keep the tarmac surface intact.

If your tarmacadam or asphalt has started to fragment anywhere in Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire then call Hydro Pro Clean to clean, repair and recolour the surface.

Our comprehensive services cover: -

  • Pre treat any heavy moss and algae growth
  • Pre treat oil stains
  • An effective lower pressure wash of the surface.
  • Carry out tarmac repairs
  • Apply Tarmaseal™ available in black, red or green. Special colours made to order.

You will be surprised at the results we can achieve and the appearance your tarmac driveway can be restored to.

Call Hydro Pro Clean now on 01234 330287 or 07786705660 or click HERE to complete our on line enquiry form.

We can clean and restore tarmac driveways to residential and commercial sites throughout Bedford, Milton Keynes, Luton, Northampton and Stevenage.