Wall Coatings Bedfordshire

With the ever increasing energy price pressures residential and commercial owners are looking for more and more ways to ensure properties are insulated and energy efficient as possible.

A European Energy agencies research has estimated that 35% of heat is lost through the external walls of your home or building and with the UK housing stock recognised as one of the oldest in the developed world with 1 in 5 homes built before 1918 we have the most energy-inefficient housing in Europe.

Many homes have been rendered or coated with long life external wall coatings that reduce maintenance but are not fully vapour permeable. Hydro-Pro Clean uses the latest high technology thermal wall coatings that are classed as super hydrophobic. The superior properties of this coating enable self-cleaning attributes to keep the exterior clean but importantly it will not allow water ingress, therefore, eliminating flaking or peeling of older painted surfaces.

What the sealant will do is allow any retained moisture to evaporate through the wall, therefore, heat loss is not transferred via damp walls. 

Our wall coating service operates throughout Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.

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